St Clare's Convent

St Clare's Convent Pantasaph Flintshire

Type: Residential

Units: 40




Pantasaph-10_200528_103422.jpg Pantasaph-10_200528_103422.jpg

Built between 1868 and 1907 St Clare’s had been derelict for over 20 years after being gutted by fire in the mid 1980’s. In planning terms the site had lost its status and although not listed it was located in the Pantasaph conservation area with the Franciscan Friary and Grade II* church designed by Pugin immediately across the road. Quad was able to obtain permission for 28 apartments and 12 houses which involved partial demolition of certain building elements and re-use of stonework and architectural features elsewhere on site.

Nominated for LABC ‘National Built in Quality Award’ in 2006.