Pall Mall Centre

Pall Mall Mental Health Centre 150 Barlby Road LONDON W10 6BS

Type: Healthcare




phase-4-courtyard-5.jpg phase-4-courtyard-5.jpg

The Pall Mall Mental Health Care Centre has been created by Quad out of a former Victorian warehouse for the Central and North West London Mental Health Trust (CNWL). Quad designed and constructed this 'Beacon Site' to a CNWL brief that called for a stimulating, safe, secure and comfortable environment with a non-institutional feel, utilising the best practice in mental healthcare design.

The site offered the opportunity to create an external central courtyard, by removing a section of existing warehouse roof. This then served as the focal point for the whole scheme. It allows visitors to enjoy a tranquil space, free from public intrusion and shielded from the noise pollution of the nearby roads.

Extensive use of colour and texture in the materials employed in construction was informed by the latest research into their psychological effect and by knowledge of best practice. The following quote from one client is the best testament to the success of this approach: the client simply saying “I feel well in the Centre”.