Who We Are

QUAD was established in late 1986 by Nuggy Lianos with the vision of creating a design based property company that could contribute to all aspects of property development. The QUAD team, still lead by Nuggy, fellow director Nick Davies and John Lianos, therefore includes expertise in all areas relating to the procurement of sites, architectural design, constructions, sales and marketing.

We are Architects who know how development finance works and know the practicalities of construction, bringing all of his knowledge into the design process to achieve well designed cost effective buildings.

What We Do

Residential Design & Development

QUAD has designed developed and constructed hundreds of residential homes which have been sold to individuals. QUAD’s signature style of clean and modern design coupled with welcoming well thought out interiors has proved a successful formula often outselling competitors even in the toughest of markets.

Our Projects

Our projects reflect the wide-ranging experience of the practice, delivering place-specific architecture with embedded interior design. All of our work is rooted in a sense of place, which is underpinned by our experience in master planning, our understanding of the history of each setting through our knowledge of conservation, and developed by exploring opportunities for new ways of using these settings through our briefing processes.